€ 79

The Kick Sound You're For, Faster

The best choice for designing top-quality, dancefloor-crushing bangers. You'll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get it sooner!

A Beautiful Fusion of Sampling & Synthesis

The lovechild of expressive synthesis and rich, authentic sampling, this baby seamlessly bridges both worlds.

Vast quality factory content

Exclusive access to 1100 samples and 800 presets by the best sound designers out there.

You'll Get a Kick Outta This FX Rack

Send your kick layers to four high-quality FX: Bitcrusher, Filter, Distortion and EQ. Whether it’s cleaning up mids or mangling them, perfect your kicks before sending it all through the hefty output limiter.

Intuitive & inspiring workflow

An interface that gets out of the way. Drag & drop to reorder FX, buttons that do what you think they’ll do, and knobs that look as good as they sound. Get creative, and fast.