Press Materials

Materials for printing and for publishing at websites

Company gfx kit

Horizontal and vertical variants of D16 logo in two color versions (includes guidelines)


Product press kits

Each kit contains some high resolution images of the Perspective view, a GUI shot, a logo, a product overview pdf, and some optional sound examples and a press release document pdf.

Antresol Download
Decimort 2 Download
Devastor 2 Download
Drumazon Download
Fazortan 2 Download
Frontier Download
Godfazer Download
LuSH-101 Download
Nepheton Download
Nithonat Download
Phoscyon Download
PunchBox Download
Redoptor 2 Download
Repeater Download
Sigmund Download
Spacerek Download
Syntorus 2 Download
Tekturon Download
Toraverb 2 Download