Nepheton preorder offer

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Nepheton preorder offer

Post by Przemek@d16 » Tue May 22, 2007 6:15 pm

We would like announce that Nepheton is available now in preorder offer. With this offer you can save 20 Eur and purchase Nepheton for only 119 Eur. Preorder offer is valid till release date (about 1-2 weeks) and after then Nepheton retail price will fetch normal level which is 139 Eur.

If you preorder Nepheton now you will get the latest stable beta version immediately and of course final version after release date.

We've also prepared cross-grade offers for all registered users so if you own at least one of our products you can get additional discounts for Nepheton. You can read details here -

Together with releasing Nepheton we present 2 fresh bundle packs:
- Total pack (Phoscyon+Drumazon+Nepheton) - 249 Eur (save 78 Eur)
- Drum machine pack (Drumazon+Nepheton) - 219 (save 49 Eur)

All prices are gross and no additional taxes, fees etc are added during purchase.

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