first impressions/feature request?

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first impressions/feature request?

Post by Scott » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:31 am

I gotta say Drumazon brought back some good memories, I'm really digging the sound. I've used many, many drum machines over the years, and there are always compromises to each one. I loved the Jomox suff when it first came out, but could not justify the price for the limited number of samples that came with the units - they should have had all the 808/909 extras to go with that stunning kick.

Anyway, the one thing I would not have tried to emulate from the original roland, is the way it handles pattern programming, and the way it handles saving and loading patches. For software, Drumazon is just not intuitive in this area - of course after reading the manual you get on track, but I think all software has the advantage of being able to be very clear about what patch is loaded, and what patch is going to get erased if you hit the save button. If you edit pattern 5 in bank 1 and want to save this in bank 6, the solution is not obvious - and it should be dead simple.

I think this plug-in could benefit from a pattern load/save system that is in no way related to that 909 digital display.

When I read people on the forums complaining about not having 18 outputs, I thought they were crazy- I can usually get away with a stereo mix, and then two or three other things separated on different tracks. However since the instruments in Drumazon do not have a pan, I will indeed be using more individual outs than I normally would. Sure the originals didn't have 'em, but who cares - let's have the sound of the hardware, with all the added benefits of software.

There is one other emulation element that I would have ditched. The lights on the pattern buttons are too small and dim. I get it, they look like the real thing, but the real thing is in my face and I can easily tell what lights are lit, but the plug-in is on a lit screen a couple feet away, and I'm squinting to see what's going on. I know I sound like an old man right now, but so be it! You could have the entire key light up in red - that would stand out from anywhere in the studio!

Anyway - I love the software don't get me wrong. But I thought I would throw in my two cent's worth. I think the attention to detail in the GUI was based on emulation, not ease of use. I want the sound of the original, but with a better GUI. I love the x0x style pattern programming - I'm not saying to ditch that, but there are so many elements to the GUI that could have been improved. Why ever have a button that does more than one operation in software? In hardware it meant one less physical button if you could add a shift button and make each button do two or three things, depending on what 'mode' you were in, etc. etc. I think you know where I'm coming from, I'll stop now.

Keep up the good work. It's worth every penny (or euro?)


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Post by usrfobiwan » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:34 pm

I agree with you about the lights on the keys. Must not be to hard to make it yellow or red(ish) for soft and strong mode of key. So you can see instantly what mode the keys are in.

The pattern stuff I do not use. (all in host sequencer) So I can't comment on that. Maybe you are right to make pattern write/copy/delete modes better. Maybe a overlaying window showing all paterns stored, user presets etc and stuff like that. (in 1980's they could not do the stuff we can do now)
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