Problems with MUTE and SOLO button's MIDI cc mapping

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Problems with MUTE and SOLO button's MIDI cc mapping

Post by ptrzoo » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:53 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm new on this forum but I've already spoke in a discussion about bcr2000 templates.
Now I'd like to ask to everyone if someone has problems to map MUTE and SOLO button.
I mean, I'd like to use MIDI LEARN function but the drumazon doesn't recognize the button when I try to select it.
I click on MIDI LEARN and the word WAITING appears, than I push the button on the bcr and the drumazon say #65 IS CHOSEN.
After this NOW MOVE A PARAMETER appears, I click on the MUTE led-button but the drumazon still wait the parameter, after few seconds the word CANCELLED appears,
and the MIDI LEARN terminates. I've also tried to invert the two part of the process, first move the parameter and than the button on the bcr, but nothing changes.
It's strange cause with the Ableton midi mapping they are easily mapped, I click CONFIGURE in the vst rack on the Ableton's channel than the MUTE led-button on drumazon
and the command appears in the Ableton's drumazon interface.
The MIDI comes in because I see the signal and with the encoders I have no problems about.
Can someone help me or happens it just to me? :?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Problems with MUTE and SOLO button's MIDI cc mapping

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:16 pm


Nothing has changed in MIDI learn functionality in all Drum Machines since first release and Mute / SOlo buttons have always been assignable to MIDI CC events (they respond to MIDI CC (Control Change) codes). Midi learn procedure needs to be done in two step actions:

1) Selecting parameter by tweaking virtual control
2) Tweaking physical control (knob button from your BCR)

If you want to do more than one assignation, you can repeat those two steps (1 2 1 2 1 2 etc)
You can also swap the order (2 1 2 1 2 1)

In situation you described step one is repeated twice:

2) I push the button on the bcr and the drumazon say #65 IS CHOSEN.
1) I click on the MUTE led-button

In such situation #65 is assigned to a parameter you moved, so the mute button won't be assigned.

Try that as follows (right after enabling MIDI learn mode):

1) I click on the MUTE led-button
2) I push the button

And one more thing. Make sure a button you're trying to assign (in your Behringer BCR) works in toggle mode where first value is from range 0-64, and the second value is from range 65-128. Otherwise Mute / Solo won't be responding correctly.

Kind regards,

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