Soundcheck 303 vs. PH

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Soundcheck 303 vs. PH

Post by Logan5 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:01 pm

I have make a midi-track in Cubase and let it play on PH and on my TB-303 with Midi-Input.
First I have seen that my 303 is out of tune :oops:
Then, after the tune was identical, I have switched between this both machines.
The real 303 sounds different, but: its so minimal, that I have only check what machines is running, when I take a look. Reale great work d16 :D

The real 303 have a different sound, when in the sequence is a deep sound with slide to a higher sound. It "bubbles" more. This can only heared, when no other sound like drums or synths play at the same time.

It sounds 99% real.

I have the same test make last year with rebirth - sounds totaly different!!!

By the way: i sell my 303 with midi and my 606 with midi and single sound outputs. 8)

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