Recreate acid line - D16 Phoscyon *Robbed Apartment and Lost Project*

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Recreate acid line - D16 Phoscyon *Robbed Apartment and Lost Project*

Post by dontapi » Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:18 pm


I've encountered quite a dilemma with my lost project that was based around the acid emulator - D16 Phoscyon. A while ago my apartment got robbed together with my laptop. And yes you've guessed it, I hadn't done a recent back up of my music projects, so I lost quite a few projects, especially a project that I was working on that's been signed for an upcoming release.

Now the issue I'm having is this:

I recorded a first bounce of the track, with the acid line, it's quite simple. But since I lost the project, I'm having a really hard time recreating the exact same acid line, partially because it was made quite randomly, and I don't remember the exact programming. Again, I'm no expert on the plugin ether, so I wanted to try my luck here and ask if anyone is quite familiar with the plugin and can recreate the acid line for me, and send me the pattern.

I have the track uploaded on my sc, I can send you a private link so you can give it a go, and let me know if it's doable.

Many thanks,


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