Clicks and Pops V1.9.5 64-bit

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Clicks and Pops V1.9.5 64-bit

Post by JohnOrchad » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:24 pm


I'm getting clicks and pops specifically in Ableton Live 10 Suite using Phoscyon v1.9.5 64-bit. I can create the same pattern in Propellerheads Reason and I get no clicks and pops. When exporting the loop as audio in Ableton the clicks and pops remain. I have checked levels and there is no clipping happening, the sound has no other plugins on it.

No idea why it's happening. Not sure what other information people might need to help me solve this?

For frequency... if I export 4 bars of a loop I'll hear 2-3 clicks/pops in that audio playback.

Any ideas?

PS: Here is a soundcloud link where you can hear the occasional click and pop: ... 16/s-Wbi7u

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Re: Clicks and Pops V1.9.5 64-bit

Post by compuphonic » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:08 pm

PC or Mac? Which version Ableton 10? What is your CPU meter showing and what buffer size do you have set?

What happens when you increase your buffer size in Ableton?

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