No sound when internal sequencer is being used

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No sound when internal sequencer is being used

Post by updog » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:59 pm


i've been a happy user for some time, although i will admit Phoscyon is not a tool i use on day-to-day basis.

so, i dug it up again the other day, but noticed that there's no sound when the internal sequencer is being used. when i switch the internal sequencer off, i can play the notes. the internal sequencer LOOKS like it's working as expected, it's just that there's no sound. any help?

i'm running Logic Pro 9.1.7 on OSX 10.6.8.

EDIT. oh, and it makes no difference whether "host mode" is ticked or not.

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Re: No sound when internal sequencer is being used

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:42 am


I assume you have fully activated Phoscyon, since you're able to use external mode (playing Phoscyon like regular synth).

- Does this problem happen even if you insert Phoscyon into newly created project?
- What version of Phoscyon do you use (it's in "About" window)?
- When you create new project and insert Phoscyon what happens when you press "Play" on a Logic's transport panel? no sound? (int.seq ON, host mode OFF)
- Does this problem persist even if you use "Play/Stop" button at Phoscyon's GUI? still no sound?

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