Nice work, congrats and thanks

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Nice work, congrats and thanks

Post by rikhyray » Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:59 pm

Nice tone and the rest. I do not really need a VST since i have Revolution but after hearing the demos and trying the demo version decided to contribute and support independent developer like you. Like JJs of MPC people like you can make a difference, I am sick and tired of the big companies throwing around overpriced and low quality junk.
As musicians we should support also financially independent developers.

Apart from that your VST sounds better then that Ikea bassline which people praise but I didnt like much and wouldnt take for free or even paid for. Wont compare to the bloody Rebirth which for me is pain to hear.

It does not react to pitch bend does it ? I know it is to be emulator but when I was checking it could really feel some sounds that i would love to use, like old school mono synth.
I guessyour VST might be interesting for people who use 303 or Revo for sketching the ideas with and in final versions using real analog. That is how i will probably use it
Anyway , great job, wish you all sucess Dzekuye!
Rikhy Ray

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