Damaged Acid - Free downloads from the Damaged Trax label

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Damaged Acid - Free downloads from the Damaged Trax label

Post by rhythmtech » Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:09 am

Hi all,

just wanted to put you onto these tracks from my Damaged Acid project - a side project away from my label.

ive kept it free rather than go down the vinyl route as i feel damaged trax is more than enough "serius business" to deal with.

so i decided to start making acid and releasing it for free and just enjoying making music again with no sales pressures or release schedule.

first 2 are now finished, so have a listen and enjoy them as much as i've enjoyed making them

Damaged Acid #1 - Rhythm Technologies - DTX303.1
http://www.chrome-metronome.net/rhythmt ... _Acid).mp3
(copy and paste this one as it wont show as a link for some reason)

Damaged Acid #2 - Rhythm Technologies - DTX303.2
http://www.chrome-metronome.net/rhythmt ... X303_2.mp3


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