Problems with Drumazon at Cubase 5.5.1.

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Dr. Beat
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Problems with Drumazon at Cubase 5.5.1.

Post by Dr. Beat » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:05 pm

I installed Drumazon at Cubase 5.5.1. (64bit) running on Windows7 64bit. Generally it works but every time I click on a button of the plugin it is becoming invisible. When clicking at the cubase surface a second time - the plugin surface is coming back. But the biggest problem is that cubase is getting a hang if I want to switch the plugin to host control mode!

Can anybody tell me whet the problem could be with that? Maybe Drumazone is only running on 32 bit and I have to install JBridge?

Thanks in advance for answering...

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Re: Problems with Drumazon at Cubase 5.5.1.

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:24 am


Drumazon is 32bit plug-in only. We've made first few 64bit builds and seems we could prepare 64bit versions of our plug-ins before releasing the LuSH, but it's about 70% chance to do so. Because due to LuSH's development we had to make a total mess in our programming framework. So at this moment all our plug-ins are available as 32bit binaries only.

Regarding to your issue, you should check out JBridge, it worked fine with my configuration here. Probably you'll need to make a little fine tune like a turning on a “prevent main host control when the GUI window is closed” option in JBridge's configuration. But it depends mostly on software configuration you have.

Btw. I also own Cubase, but didn't decided to update it due some complains of users (stayed with 5.1.1 on x64 environment), did it allow for 32bit to 64bit bridge configuration at all or 32bit plug-ins are automatically bridged without giving any configuration how they're bridged?

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