Assigning Midi Controller to EMU XL-1, anyone help???

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Assigning Midi Controller to EMU XL-1, anyone help???

Post by bricummo » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:33 am

Hi guys, sorry if Im posting in the wrong place, but I Googled my problem and found someone with a kinda similar problem to me on here.

Im a newbie here and a bit of a midi novice so please be gentle? lol

Basically, Im trying to get Taurus Pedals without buying taurus pedals! lol

I have Roland PK5 pedals and an EMU XL-1 which has a big fat taurus Preset in it (107 TaurusT Mono)

I have been using this for a while and its good but now I want to edit some of the sounds settings 'on the fly', as in Filter Cutoff, Release, Attack, Portamento and maybe Chorus and Pitch.

So I bought a Kenton Midi Control Freak Studio (16 sliders) and thought it would be relatively easy.

The problem Ive got is the Patch cord thingy that the EMU uses doesnt seem to want to control the attack, release or portamento. I can get volume, filter cutoff and some other weird paramters but not the bog standard ones. I can only seem to get the Kenton to control the volume of the EMU too?

I know Im probably asking the most stupid question in the World, but is there anyone who can help me achieve this?

I basically would LOVE to have assigned to each slider on the CF, vol, attack, release, filter cutoff, chorus and glide/portamento.

Thanks for your time and fingers crossed!


Brian x

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Post by Sebastian@d16 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:25 pm


You should take a look and post on KVR ( ), I think You'll find more help there, because here is forum dedicated to our software products. KVR has a very large community dedicated to software and hardware in general.

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