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D16 User Area

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:12 pm

We decided to create a place called User Area instead of the Download Center. Since now it's a testing time for this feature. It has been tested by us, but still it needs to be tested by You, namely our Customers. For some time User Area and Download Center will be working simultaneously, after that User Area will be the only valid place.

What are the benefits of such solution:

- The User Area is integrated with our web page - one place for all Your needs.

- Email correspondence from Download Center will be reduced to minimum. It mainly concerns direct downloading of installers and licence key files.

- You will get the possibility of downloading some extras related to particular products. We're going to give so in the future (presets, bass lines, drum lines, skins).

- We are going to start collect informations about hardware/software configurations You use. It'd help us to improve our products to Your particular needs, fix the bugs faster etc.

- You will get simple access to all future cross grade offers belonging to You.

Where is it:

Go to our web page please and choose the "User Area" in top bar menu, or use the direct link instead: http://www.d16.pl/index.php?menu=195

Please log-in using the details of Your Download Center account.

If you have any suggestions, proposals or questions please write to us at: support@d16.pl

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