Decimort 2 artifact issue in Reaper OSX

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Decimort 2 artifact issue in Reaper OSX

Postby ohmdepop » Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:45 am


Just licensed your plug-ins through splice and I'm having a problem with Decimort2 generating strange a tinsel sounding artifact on my drum buss (particularly on any tom strikes). When I set up the plugin initially all sounds good, but after a few minutes, the problem rears its ugly head.

I'm using Reaper 5.92, OSX High Sierra, MacBook Pro early 2013 with Intel i7, 16 gig ram, GeForce GT650M, 500 gig SSD.
In Reaper DAW is set up for 48,000khs, 24-bit sampling

The demo I checked out was an older version and had no such issue. I've also had a few intermittent problems with it freezing and having to be reloaded. Was also curious if any others are having this problem., and have tried both VST and AU versions and they both exhibit the same issue. The real problem is it always seems to render into the mix (id almost put up with it otherwise). Decimort on a drum buss is simply, for lack of a better word “sick”

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Re: Decimort 2 artifact issue in Reaper OSX

Postby LV426 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:02 pm

Would just like to chime in and say I too have this issue, using Ableton Live 10 and I purchased direct from your store a few days ago and not through Splice.

When I place the VST in its init state on a track my Ableton window is "frozen" in the background and no changes I make inside decimort will take place until I close and repoen the plug-in window; I say frozen because the track effects chain doesn't change to show Decimort2 is loaded despite the plug-in window popping open. If I load a preset from the preset browser the sound will change based on the preset and seems to works ok, I can change parameters inside Decimort2 and they respond as expected. If I then change the order of where Decimort2 is in my effects chain inside the track in Ableton, or if I bypass the plugin using the usual device on/off button in Ableton this will then cause Decimort2 to have a nasty "ringing" high freq static like noise, regardless of what preset or change I make across any of the dials.

So far I have not had Decimort2 cause a crash of Ableton or the plug-in itself so I am able to work around this - just a pain to have to reload the plugin everytime I forget.

I can record an example if this will help :) will also file a support ticket.


Windows 7 SP1 x64
Ableton Live 10 Suite (10.0.2 Build:2018-05-11_f78673c6cd) using a Focusrite 2i2 @ 48,000khz, 24-bit sampling, buffer 128
Decimort2 2.1.5 64bit
Intel i5-3300ghz OC'd to 4300ghz, 16gb DDR3 Corsair 2x8gb RAM, geForce GTX970
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Re: Decimort 2 artifact issue in Reaper OSX

Postby ohmdepop » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:14 am

Thanks for the heads up! Different Daw and OS, but same issue. Mine is definitely somewhat intermittent, It seems kind of random on my end, a simple stop and start of the transport seems to clear it up momentarily. I just did a render that was free of the ringing, and reaper has a bunch of options in terms of how you can run plugins, but it should just work. Have a ton of plugs and these are the only ones that are giving me any real issue at the moment. Also, had other plugs from D16 do the lock up thing, Phoscyon, and their limiter are both giving me some issues. I'll check the order thing as well, definitely had an issue when I bypassed, or put the plugin, in an offline state. My machine has a dual boot so maybe Ill brave windows update and see if it's happening in that universe :P need to put in a ticket on this as well.
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