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Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:01 pm
by nicevalley
I recently bought LuSH-101 and I like it very much. I most often use cubase 8 and Logic X but my son is a Protool guy and it came as a shock that this plugin isn´t prepared for AAX. Somehow you must be able to tell me and all other folks I´ve noticed (to late) on the web complaining about this... It isn´t obvious looking at your webshop that this is the case.. This has been an issue way back in time. Keep up your really good work AND give us AAX plugin soon !!!! BR Hasse

Re: Protools

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:44 am
by Sebastian@d16

First of all thank you for compliments on LuSH-101.

At the moment only Sigmund (of all our products) is compatible with Pro Tools. The remaining products are yet planned to be released as AAXes in near future. However that won't happen as update. Most of our products were developed years ago and they are simply not ready (technically) to be just updated and adapted to match new plug-in format with preserving compatibility with previous versions at the same time. It's impossible i'm afraid. That's why we decided to provide Pro Tools compatibility to LuSH-101, Classic Boxes plug-ins and SilverLine Collection plug-ins within 2.x entirely new upgraded versions (work in progress at the moment).

Regarding the product descriptions on our web site (if you purchased LuSH-101 at online shop, not at one of our distributors' sites). We didn't want to put the information about product compatibility in more than one place at web site, because repeating information would have made the web site unreadable and messy. Each product has the "Requirements" section where it's listed what plug-in formats, what OS versions a product / plug-in is compatible with, also you can find there what are minimal and recommended hardware requirements for a product / plug-in use. Additionally there's demo version. We always encourage our potential customers to evaluate the demo version before actual purchase to exclude all potential issues, problems and conflicts with their hardware / software.

We do hope that's reasonable explanation,

Thank you,