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Automating pitch wheel only rises to 17%?

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:49 pm
by LimboLoves
Basically, after 45 minutes of trying a bunch of things, I cannot get anything to raise Lush 101 pitch wheel past 1200 cents. It will rise two notes no matter what I do. I have put the VCO slider all the way up, nothing. I have adjusted the pitch through automation, which is a giant hastle, and it sounds crappy but will raise an octave.

Isn't there a way to do this easier? Any ideas what could be going wrong Sebastian?



Re: Automating pitch wheel only rises to 17%?

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:35 am
by Sebastian@d16
Hi Limbo,

It can't be done simple way. You could use spare ENV to do that; select it as modulation source for pitch modulation in Pitch / Sync section and ENV's Sustain to the max. Then go to the Modulation Matrix and add one entry with source feeding from Pitch Bend wheel + destination set to VCO Modulation. That will allow you to pitch up the sound even by few octaves, however this work around does the job only for pitching sound up, pitch down will always work with maximum 12 semitones range only.

Your post is definitely a hit for us to make something about that in future versions of LuSH-101, by maybe extending range of VCO fader in Bender section. What range for pitch bender do you think would be sufficient ? 24 semitones, 36 semitones (one direction)?

Kind regards,

Re: Automating pitch wheel only rises to 17%?

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:30 pm
by LimboLoves
I would say 24 would be enough for the pitch wheel. 36 would be nice for the lfo/env mod of the pitch that's in the top left corner of the synth though. Mainly for kicks.

Re: Automating pitch wheel only rises to 17%?

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:16 am
by Sebastian@d16
Thanks for the hint, i'm putting it onto the ToDo list for future updates. We'll resolve this one way or another.