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Make It Simpler

Post by animal » Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:24 pm

I think you guys make great products....but....

I was playing with Tal-Bassline-101 and loved it. I think a stripped down LuSH-101 to be more like the Tal-Bassline-101 would be a great option.
I love how the Tal-Bassline-101 is this simple instrument with a little sequencer where the user can pound out notes and twirl knobs without too much extra stuff.

Also, I really wish more developers of these instruments would focus on the sequencer. For example, allow for two or more sequencers to be played at the same time and use music theory so that none of the notes "collide".
One of the sequencers could be the "primary" in which the "secondary" sequencer would pitch up or down a note that falls outside the key of the "primary" sequencer.

Thank you!

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