Syntorus 2 feature request (BBD from Antresol)

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Syntorus 2 feature request (BBD from Antresol)

Post by F5D » Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:20 pm

I think this deserves a thread here. Now that you seem to update the Silver line, I assume you are working on Syntorus 2 as well? For the next version, please consider updating the Syntorus BBD Chorus with the new BBD engine of Antresol to allow even more analog and dirty chorus (= musical). As we know, real BBDs are full of noise and artefacts. The Antresol's BBD emulation seems to go a few steps further and should be included in the Syntorus too, possibly making it the best analog emulating chorus plugin available. I often use EHX Small Clone, Boss CE-300 Super Chorus and Synthoma Elkorus V2 for real BBD Chorus. These boxes, especially the EHX and Synthoma are really dirty, thick and musical. Please consider some of that magic and include it as options / parameters in the v2 of Syntorus.

As an example, I post here, how the BBD artefacts of Elkorus sounds like with Korg MS-20 (the noise and artefacts that start in the beginning of the clip are from the BBDs of Elkorus): ... elkorus-v3

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Re: Syntorus 2 feature request (BBD from Antresol)

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:27 pm


Of course Syntorus is going to be upgraded, with some extra features added as well (being the icing on the cake), however reimplementing BBD in Syntorus by taking algorithm from Antresol would be pointless i'm afraid. The BBD in Syntorus does great job, while in Antresol the feedback was the problematic aspect. That's why we had to do way more advanced approach on that. The Antresol's bucket brigade wouldn't bring much benefits to the sound in Syntorus, but there're plenty of other features and improvements that can be done to improve our little chorus unit :) No worries, you'll be pleasantely surprised with the new revision as well as with the presets that are going to come with it :D

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