Routing the outpus in ableton live ?

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Routing the outpus in ableton live ?

Post by iknowuknow » Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:22 am

I have the demo and the only thing stopping my from buying d16's stuff is there lack of manual support for those of us that didn't learn production in the 1980's this is a nightmare.

Anyway I still have a learning curve to work storing patterns and can I choose which midi notes trigger the patterns ?

My main wish is to know how to route the individual drum outputs in live ?

I see no routing options when I call up other I have to change something in settings ?

Thanks....this plugin sounds great. I love that 808 kick thunder!

oh ok so I have worked it out now...simple, sorry I'm used to working with audio in ableton.

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Post by iknowuknow » Tue Jul 03, 2007 1:02 am

Ok run into another prob ?

The bass drum routes state to a audio channel.

Then if I call up more audio tracks I get the choice of 1-16 from the drum machine, but no 17.

How do I get 17 to route through ? do I have to make it stereo or something ?

Ok I could make 17 change to 16 to get both hat sounds, but I don't understnad why there is a channel 17 then ?

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Post by Przemek@d16 » Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:21 am

There is indeed some output configuration issue in Live. But these feature works well in other hosts we think that it's a Live's bug. We've written to Ableton with this and we're waiting for an answer. Once we know anything we'll let you know.

The manual should be available in the end of this/beginning of the next week.


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Post by gutza63 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:34 pm

hey i knowuknow how did u fix the individual drum output ,i still cant

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