Swing/Shuffle request

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Swing/Shuffle request

Post by teacue » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:40 am

Any chance to one day get the possibility to apply shuffle to other notes than sixteenth notes?
In this thread:
I already explained that for music based on eights notes (like a big part of Jazz music) the swing/shuffle is applied to the eights notes and not to the sixteenths notes.
The way Nepheton/Drumazon are handling Shuffle makes it unfortunately almost impossible (or at least not easy and only with a complicated workaround) to use the internal sequencer for music based on eights notes feeling that needs Swing/Shuffle.
Though I am aware that I can use my host (Cubase 4 who allows to apply Swing/Shuffle to almost any notelength) to trigger, one big reason for me to use Nepheton, Drumazon and Phoscyon was, beside of the sound, the internal sequencer.

Sorry to insist and I am aware that it is maybe not so easy to implement but well I love Nepheton/Drumazon :)

Best regards

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Post by intrepidtraveller » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:43 am

how about a swing shuffle for the 303?

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Post by teacue » Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:40 am

intrepidtraveller wrote:how about a swing shuffle for the 303?
Sure, I would like it too ;)

But sometimes I am wondering what do people do who need and use Shuffle whith music based on eighth notes feeling.
Maybe there is no one more in these speedy times using eighth notes feeling? :lol:

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Post by teacue » Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:17 pm


I want to thank Jacek who was so nice to take care and time for my question.
We have corresponded through PM and he sent me a pattern to demonstrate how the eights shuffling could be done.

For Drumazon/Nepheton users who maybe are interesting, I try to shortly explain Jacek solution.

1. Use in Drumazon/Nepheton the Tempo Scale 6 steps per quarter note
2. Be aware that this way you will need 2 patterns to make a 4 quarter note bar
3. Use steps 4 and 10 for the off-beats.
4. Now use the shuffle knob and these steps will be shuffled.
When shuffle is set to 0, the steps 4 and 10 are played as "even eights"
When shuffle is set to 100% (knob full right) the steps 4 and 10 are like the last of triplet-eight.
This way you get a swing from 0% to 100% :)

A little inconvenience is that you have to use two patterns instead of one, and the programming is a little bit more complicated as you deal with 6 steps pro quarter note.
Also you cannot shuffle more than 100% and so you loose the "crazy" shuffling function of Drumazon/Nepheton that allows you a 200% shuffle when you turn the shuffle knob full right when shuffling the sixteenth notes :lol:

So again thanks a lot to D16 :)

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Post by Jacek@d16 » Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:23 am

One more thing teacue - the patterns length should be 12 :)

Here's a link to above mentioned patterns:

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