TR-606? CR-78?? CR-8000???

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TR-606? CR-78?? CR-8000???

Post by » Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:53 pm

Anyone else up for this sort of thing???


This is AMAZING, Przemek !! I own both Drumazon and Phoscyon and will pick this up as soon as it is released!! I *really* hope you consider bringing the other TR/CR series machines into the fold as well.

The TR-606 in particular would be SO easy for you to do and it would sit quite nicely together with Phoscyon!
I am also VERY much hoping for the CR-78 and CR-8000... I own both of them but your software is looking better all the time!
Don't bother with things like the SH-101. And I'm sure you know that Arturia is bringing their version of the Jupiter 8.

If you are going to do any more Roland synths, please, PLEASE do a System 100 modular or SH-7!!

Best regards from Toronto, Canada!



CR78 and CR8000 by d16 Would Be FANTASTIC

Post by Guest » Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:19 pm

These 2 machines are just fabulous, and sampled sounds of them just don't do them justice at all. In fact, CR78/CR8K d16 product(s) would be even more valuable than 808/909 ones.

Why I think this:

1. Some efforts have been made to do 808/909 emulations already. Some of them are good, maybe not as good as Drumazon & Nepheton, but still quite good.

2. In many ways, sampled 808/909 sounds work "kinda okay" if you're careful about how you put the music together. With enough filtering and velocity tricks, sampled 808/909 kits can actually sound pretty darned good.

3. A CR78/CR8K vintage drum VSTi would be UNIQUE. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, out there today that does that. And the sounds that would come from something like this would be tremendously useful and interesting.

My .02

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Post by Jacek@d16 » Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:11 pm

I think that more usefull are 808 & 909 while You can turn knobs to change sound very quickly and this is the most important advantage via samples.
The CR78 has no sound change knobs, so i think that sampled CR78 is quite enough (especially if You have samples in 192kHz, 24bit)

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CR78/CR8K Redux

Post by Guest » Fri Mar 02, 2007 7:17 pm

Hello Jacek, and thanks for weighing in. You have good points. Having never owned either of these, I did not realize that the CR sounds are not "tweakable".

But I would like to point out: One of things that gave these machines such character was that no two drum hits coming out of them are really the same. Due to "analog variability" of the sound generation. I do use sampled CR78/8K sounds a lot, and have trouble getting them to sit well in tracks because of the LACK of variability. So I would like to point out that - just like Drumazon & Nepheton.. the potential for some "organicness" to the drum sounds a CR78/8K synth would provide is a big part of the attraction.

On the other hand it seems very possible that you guys are getting sick of working on drum synths by now. Have you thought about maybe doing an SH-09 or a Juno-60? Either of these would be terrific, and a nice change of pace for you 8)
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Post by » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:53 pm

I agree with the other fellow who posted about the D16 sound being superior to samples.

Also, I would hope that in the same way as was done with Drumazon and Nepheton, parameters like "Tune" and "Decay" would be added in such a way that would extend the quality and usefullnes even further.

It should not be overlooked that these devices are also limited to a mono output.

Topping it off would be a decent internal sequencer - missing on both these devices. For those of us who don't have the WS-1 write swich or MIDI mods done on our CR-78, it would deliver us from samples or a preset rhythm beat-box to having a VERY useful addition to our studio arsenal.

Hoping you might reconsider. If you do not have these items on hand for modeling, I would be happy to supply mine. ;)

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