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Post by Sebastian@d16 » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:38 am


We should put the paragraph we put at the end of notification email on the beginning of it. Due to technical reasons we had to partially break with compatibility with previous versions of Nepheton (Number of output channels has changed and way of recalling Nepheton's parameters during loading the project). For projects made with previous version only internal patterns may recall properly. All those problems are caused by unification we were forced to make because of AU compatibility. PLEASE finish Your current critical projects with previous version of Nepheton before any update, or at least make the backups of old files.

The previous version of Nepheton is available to download in User Area (add-ons tab), You can easily go back. Nepheton vst is only a file which can be renamed, so after installing new version You may rename it however You'd like (e.g. Nepheton1_1_2) and then install the old version. Host is supposed to see those two plug-ins separately. The old one as Nepheton the new one as Nepheton1_1_2. Project You made will be loaded with previous version.

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