Strange CPU usage bug

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Strange CPU usage bug

Post by mpodrug » Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:07 pm

Noticed this on my notebook at first (as it is much slower then my desktop DAW). You can see this bug in FL Studio easily.

Load empty project. Load one Drumazon and watch CPU usage. Remember it. Now if you save this project like that (just one drumazon)and load it again everything is fine. But...

Do all this but before save anhd exit turn off drumazon internal sequencer (for example you want to trigger notes from FL piano roll) then save and exit. Now try to load this project again and look at CPU usage. It is way much higher and this is very noticeable on slower machines.

If you want to but it back to normal you must turn internal sequencer on then again off and cpu usage will drop down to normal state. Tested on two different configurations and always same case. It looks like saving and loading with internal sequencer off is causing more cpu cycles until you switch this on and off.

Cubase SX3 same issue.

Very possible to be bug ?

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