Triggering internal sequencer issue, Cubase 4

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Triggering internal sequencer issue, Cubase 4

Post by cfxmusic » Wed Jun 13, 2007 1:20 am

This is probably minor, but it's an annoyance just the same.

Drumazon 1.0.3 (int. seq)
Cubase 4.0.3

If I stop the transport and play, everything works as intended.

If the transport is playing and I manually move the transport (by clicking elsewhere in the song to make the transport move, or by clicking the "|<" button to return to the beginning of the tune,

... Drumazon will randomly stop playing the sequencer. It updates the pattern name whenever new MIDI comes in, so I know MIDI is being received and processed, but the sequencer is silent and the "follow" LEDs don't track across the bottom buttons. It sits on one button and blinks forever.

The internal sequencer will play again after stopping the host transport and beginning playback again.

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