Some further FRs that come to mind from testing.

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Some further FRs that come to mind from testing.

Post by Motiatronix » Sun Dec 03, 2006 10:20 pm

Hi D16

Well patterns and banks are loading and saving fine whilst Drumazon is running....variable programmed tempi are swinging all over the place from the host and Drumazon is just running no problems here in Tracktion 2 and Live 6 for hours.I have been changing all manner of button combos to program Drumazon/break it and everything appears to be consistently working with regularity with no observable bad behaviour/irregularities from anything I can spot yet in 0.9.1b. 8)

Feature Requests for your consideration please:

1 Dedicated bank initialisation function.(No biggy really as there is a work around by loading a saved blank bank :wink: )

2 When in write mode and hitting clear button:

(a) Holding Ctrl key clears only that single instrument pattern which is in focus on instrument select.

(b) Holding Ctrl on instrument select panel below the drum triggers selects multiple instruments. Hitting clear button wipes those selected drum tracks only.

3 Left mouse click/hold and drag sweep accross drum keys for hit entry/backwards sweep for removal.(or switch to right click/hold and drag sweep for removal)

4 Mouse click support for changing scale function.

5 When in write mode and navigating to another pattern to record into, the original keeps playing quite rightly.I see when you hit the follow button Drumazon will jump back to the original playing pattern/source of copy.I can't seem to see a way to immediately start playing the new pattern that you have just adapted/edited especially if it's related to the previous and you want to hear if it flows.I have to come out of mode then manually choose bank and or preset which breaks the it possible to click on pattern window and Drumazon will jump to and automaticaly start playing the new one. (hitting follow will still jump back to original after the new pattern that is now playing ,perhaps there could even be a way implemented to jump between the two patterns which would be even better for comparison purposes) As mentioned when you are in the ol' rhythm zone and on a roll (pun intended) this just keeps the flow with connected/edited patterns going.

6 Relative to FR 5 I originally thought the follow button was some kind of pattern chain function,however is it possible to pick/program a sequence of patterns and they will be chained in the order of choosing for quick previewing of possible pattern edits as well as for longer sequences of play.Perhaps using Ctrl key in conjunction with the pattern beat numbers 1-12 (If these were to become click aware for this) above the drum triggers panel can be used for this.

Edit: Or can maybe be done with Ctrl (not in write mode as I see the pattern selector notes are live with the drum note triggers) and clicking on pattern notes.Right click removes etc.Chain can be seen scrolled in main window when in this mode via next/previous nav keys as a reminder/re edit of sequence.

7 Again relative to FR the moment single click on "Next" and "Previous" pattern nav keys currently moves to next successive pattern.Can holding mouse down support fast auto scroll through.

Original scale function that pattern is created with dosen't appear to be saved with presets or banks on reload.I'm assuming this is deliberate and as on original (I can't remember) for overall consitency reasons but can we have option to save with chosen scale.Drumazon changes quite smoothly from one to the other anyway.

Will there be an option for midi out for each patterns individual instruments planned.

10 And of course how can it not be mentioned: Drumazon and Phoscyon as a team. :twisted:

Given the flexibility of many hosts these days with midi/audio I/O routing and a degree of modularity.Using a rack filter in Tracktion with different midi notes from the same source is split and feeds (Matches up at C-2 on the second lowest octave of the 12 available to the keyboard for any T2 users) and syncs both instruments pattern maps together at C1.Great for automated/programmed play and interaction, however it would be great to take this a bit further.

Is there any plans to have a dedicated pattern sync in that Drumazon itself can have an option to output trigger notes within say its own dedicated song/pattern editor with support for note remapping or even have its own dedicated tag/id system embedded and carried within the midi out stream so that when Drumazons midi output is routed to Phoscyons input to recall the relevant patterns there is no need to program them in a midi clip.

Drumazon as a master would then be self contained and provide stored "live sets" that are good to go "out of the box" so to speak providing for more versatile interaction and live hands on control.Drumazon could even have further dedicated controls accessible from a menu in order to show or hide them with respect to direct control of specific Phoscyon parameters/controls/behaviour in realtime.Eg Pattern attributes, shared groove templates, rhythmic/beat synced filter movements driven from say a specific Drumazon instrument etc.

Edit: In fact control of 2 Phoscyons would be brilliant. 8)

Regards. :D

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Post by macha » Sun Dec 10, 2006 7:27 pm

man ...this is the first time I wish I had a pc... :D
can hardly wait for the bugfixes for the mac version.
:( so far I haven t been able to check drumazon.
hope they get it fixed soon

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Post by Motiatronix » Sun Dec 10, 2006 10:42 pm

Hi macha.....D16 will get it sorted. 8).

Drumazon is incredible bit of work.Soon you will get all the enjoyment too. :D

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