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Beta Testing

Post by Motiatronix » Sat Dec 02, 2006 3:54 pm

Hi D16

Obviously the beta is in a very advanced state and I can't seem to break it or find much wrong in as far as I can figure it out.

Just to let you know that whilst not fully tested Drumazon opens fine and takes a sync in the following hosts: (Full version)

Energy XT standalone and as a vsti

Fruity Loops V6 standalone and as a vsti

Sonicbytes Phrazor standalone and as a vsti

NI Kore as vsti

Tracktion 2

Live 6

Project 5 V2

Zynewave Podium

Sonar Producer V5


Nassen SQ42

So far in Live 6 and Tracktion 2:

All knobs/solo and mutes buttons/leds are recording/responding to automation and midi cc assigns.Midi cc for solo/mute great!

I can find no graphic anomalies.

Mapping and recalling patterns via keys/midi notes appears to work as expected.

A few questions please.

1 I get an Xml file dump to my desktop each time I close my host when running this an auto log file of some sort for beta purposes?

2 In the random feature which is great.....when switched on regards the red level led if I press on/off you set minimum and maximum levels of each drum levels randomization which is nice.

3 Follow button is for chaining patterns?could you explain procedure/function please.

4 In Tracktion 2 outputs are panned hard left for output 1 and right for output 2.In Live the audio outputs are this correct?

5 Midi input...I can play/trigger,record and recall the patterns from keyboard when I switch on in conjunction with write mode.....great! :D I have to hit the drum keys on Drumazon to enter notes but I did get the notes on my keyboard at one point but can't seem to get them or the mode Drumazon should be in back.In that respect can I play the individual drums from keys/pads and record them in realtime as Drumazons sequencer is running.Thanks for clarifying.

Feature Requests for your consideration please:

1 Individual internal panning for each drums output.It would be handy to have if using outputs internally for stereo mix of individual drums.So don't have to configure in host/soundcard.

2 Is it possible to consider option to save/recall all knob and solo/mute states on a per pattern basis.I appreciate this may introduce clicking/lag/glitches perhaps as parameters update but would be nice to have the choice but is obviously great for variation of presets without having to do via host with automation.

3 Is it possible to have options for solo and mute behaviour via computer keys such as shift/ctrl eg holding shift and pressing solo button will switch solo on for that drum but unsolo all others that are switched on.Similar for mutes.Great for quick build up/breakdown variations.

4 I'm asuming the other preset areas are for saving drum output configurations/setups?

5 I appreciate that simple entry of midi note in sequencer will allow you to program pattern changes.Is there/will there be a built in song mode for self contained pre arranged stuff.

6 Ability to drag in the pattern window to change to any pattern.(I see when recording/triggering new patterns and you trigger by keynote then click in the window the respective pattern that is now playing on the keymap is changed/updated from the last if not it remains unchanged)

7 Small tempo counter/midi signal receive led (more for when sending cc from an external controller) when synced/triggered from host.

8 Extemely minor....right click reverses output assign channel.

9 Optional extra heavy duty snare white noise/longer envelope can be a switchable options and other such like mods which is the great thing about software.


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