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Save Instrument

Post by xms » Tue Feb 27, 2007 9:55 am

In the Drumazon application itself I can save Instrument presets 1-by-1, by set or by bank. Whatever I try I seem unable to save whole/complete instrument (sounds, sequence pattern, multiple sequence banks) all in once. I can save the BD and SD etc.. 1-by-1. Pattern sets I'm completely unable to save. When I import the xml it doesnt reproduce the pattern score.

Since I use Drumazon with AU wrapper in Logic I'm not sure if I can use your intended solutions correctly. Please inform me if there is a Universal option in Drumazon to save the complete Instrument so I can reuse it on a PC with VST.

Now I have a workaround. In logic I can save the whole Instrument Bank. This results in a .fxb document. When I import this file in Drumazon using a new Logic project I can recall the whole Drumazon instrument. However, this is not universal coz I cannot reuse this .fxb file in Cubase as vst.


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Post by galex » Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:27 am

Idem problem,but my g5 no intel..

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Post by teacue » Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:14 pm

AFAIK it is not possible from Drumazon itself to save Instruments Presets together with Patterns, you have to save Instruments Presets and Pattern separetely.

You can either load and save one pattern or a bank of pattern.
And as you mention you can either load and save a single instrument, a set of instruments, a bank of instruments.
Personally I find these 5 dedicated Preset Menu from Drumazon very complete, very easy and very usefull to use as it is independent from your host or from the host version.

If you need to save all together there are two ways:
1. Instruments and Patterns are saved with the song within your host.

2. Use the VST Preset menu of your host.

In "Cubase 4" for example you can load and save all Instruments and all Patterns together if you use the Preset Menu of the VST instrument.
You even do not have to worry where to place the presets as Cubase automaticly creates a "D16 group Audio Software / Drumazon" :)
But you cannot choose where to place this folder, it is automaticly placed in the "VST3 Presets" folder.

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