Drumazon update for all who preordered it

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Drumazon update for all who preordered it

Post by Przemek@d16 » Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:15 pm

Information about Drumazon update from beta version to official v1.0.1 and personal License Key files have been sent to all users who preordered Drumazon.
If you purchased Drumazon during preorder period and you haven't received it yet please contact with us via e-mail (contact@d16.pl).

The actual and all future updates will be avaialable in the Private Area section as well. So if you aren't registered yet please do it and send us:
- your username
- firstname and lastname used during purchase
- ShareIt Ref number (unnessesary if you give all above)

If you write to us from the address you used during purchase we'll find you quickly.
If you want to update your email address used to contact with us just send us proper info.

d16 crew

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