Drumazon not in sync with Cubase

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Drumazon not in sync with Cubase

Post by teacue » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:31 pm

Something weird is happening on my system with version 1.6.2 (64bit) of Drumazon.
Cubase 8.0.20 - 64bit
Windows 8.1 - 64bit

At tempo 100 or higher, Drumazon does not really sync with Cubase.
Well, it does sync but with an offset and Drumazon plays too early.
Curiously when I set the tempo to value less than 100 then Drumazon syncs perfectly!
But this behaviour is also not 100% consistent, it means that it can happen that with a tempo less than 100 Drumazon does sync only if I first set the tempo to 60 and then slowly increase the tempo to to 100. I can't really find a pattern to this behaviour.

I deinstalled Drumazon 1.6.2 and reinstalled 1.5.1: Drumazon syncs perfectly.
I then deinstalled 1.5.1 and reinstalled 1.6.2: no sync :-(

Of course the sequencer setting of Drumazon is set on "INT. SEQ."

The last version of Nepheton and Nithonat show the same behaviour.
I did not try the older version of Nepheton and Nithonat but I can remember that everything was OK.

Best regards

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Re: Drumazon not in sync with Cubase

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:24 am

Hi Teacue,

We're aware of the syncing problem with Cubase and unfortunately it's not a bug, but a result of our approach to play and edit modes in our Classic Boxes plug-ins. When Native mode is active and you hit play, everything is playing smoothly and synced perfectly (no matter if it was Cubase 8 or older - the problem has existed since about version SX 3), however when you start playing your project not from beginning, but from one of subsequently located bars, Drumazon (as well as other our Drum Machines) will play the pattern slightly out of sync (with a bit of a time offset). It's caused by manner in which Cubase, when a project is started to play, notifies third party plug-ins about that. Our machines initiate playing pattern as soon as they receive notification from Cubase's transport panel, but Cubase does it in fact bit earlier comparing to the actual cursor position (and the difference varies each time when you click play button). We assumed that Cubase to prevent from not playing some notes in the project adds some sort of "leader", small time gap before notes and metronome ticking kicks in. The actual start sequence looks this way:

1) You click play,
2) Drumazon starts playing immediately,
3) Cubase adds little delay; "leader"
4) The rest of the project start to play.

Older version of Drumazon shows similar behavior, but the offset seems to be way smaller, however the other type of symptoms appears like missing steps in drum patters - this in turn is a result of the changes we had to add to the syncing procedures to catch up with current versions of DAWs (few years had passed from version 1.5 to 1.6),

Unfortunately our machines aren't synchronized to the project position and that's why the issue appears and you can't simply add that without changing whole design of the plug-in (there're different time scales for pattern and queue functionality for Native mode). We created Native mode as some sort of play mode for editing patterns and playing live when single pattern is just playing in the loops, or you can switch between patterns live. For creating song arrangements (so you pattern kicks in later in the project) we do recommend using Host mode instead.

You can also alternatively use "the lowest C" synchronization method along with Native mode as an alternative to syncing with Tranposrt Change codes - It is described in manual how to use it.

As for the issue there's not a simple fix we could do and release update, it requires redesigning play and edit modes in our sequencer based plug-in, so we left it for 2.x upgrades, because this would imply breaking compatibility with previous versions.

Kind regards,

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Re: Drumazon not in sync with Cubase

Post by teacue » Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:08 pm

Thanks a lot Sebastian for your really detailed answer :)
Indeed the host mode plus the "lowest C" synchronisation method works well.
So the problem is now solved for me.

Best regards

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