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Midi knob feedback

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:51 am
by eidetic

I'm trying to map the drum knob parameters to a midi controller (specifically, touchosc). I'm able to make a successful map and can control the knobs from touchosc to drumazon, but if i change the knob directly on drumazon, the new value is not reflected in touchosc. Is this possible to do?

I apologize if this is documented somewhere or if it's something really simple that I'm overlooking.


Re: Midi knob feedback

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:36 am
by Sebastian@d16

That's good question. I'm afraid it's not possible with current versions of our Drum Machines, because it'd require bidirectional communication between plug-in and controller. Usually unidirectional communication is performed with MIDI controllers; a physical input MIDI port (connected to a hardware controller) is listened to by a virtual instrument. Every time you move knob on hardware controller, a MIDI CC code is generated (knob number and its value with MIDI channel specified), received by virtual instrument and internal parameter's value is changed accordingly to a MIDI mapping applied. The MIDI codes are sent only one way. If you need to force MIDI controller to react on a plug-in's parameters changes, namely situation when you tweak any of mapped parameters on Drumazon's GUI and seeing this change represented on your controller, you'd need to have a MIDI loopback. So Drumazon would have to send MIDI CC back to the MIDI controller you use and MIDI controller would need to receive and interpret the MIDI CC codes to update control's (knobs, faders, whatsoever) values. Unfortunately it's not possible; despite fact that Drumazon has a MIDI output port and can send MIDI codes, but CC codes aren't among them. Drumazon has MIDI output for one purpose only; to make possible to control an external sound module (e.g. drum sampler or alternative sound source) using its internal sequencer, but then only MIDI notes are sent via Drumazon's MIDI output, not MIDI CCs.

Best regards,

Re: Midi knob feedback

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:45 pm
by eidetic
Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your reply. I had a feeling that was the case as TouchOSC was not showing that it was receiving any midi signals when I turned the knob inside Drumazon.

I have been playing around with Ableton, though, and I think there might be aroundabout way to do this. I've noticed that Ableton detects the midi inputs available and can read the current value of the knob - even when changing the knob directly in Drumazon. I think from here I can use TouchOSC to send and receive the current value.

Of course I have no idea how Ableton is able to do this if Drumazon is not sending the CC value, but if it works, it works. =)

BTW: I was previously using Bidule as my VST host and TouchOSC as a midi input for that.

Thank again