Drumazone use in Ableton 8 (beginner)

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Drumazone use in Ableton 8 (beginner)

Post by ManjiX » Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:32 pm


I'm an absolute beginner production-wise and hope someone here can help me out. How can I efficiently use Drumazone in Ableton 8. Only thing I'm doin' now is making drum-patterns in Drumazone itself. If someone would be so kind to explain it step by step or post a link,etc. , I would really appreciate it. Hope, I'm not asking for too much... :oops:

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Re: Drumazone use in Ableton 8 (beginner)

Post by Sebastian@d16 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:50 am


If you want to take an advantage of internal sequencer in Drumazon and creating whole drum line arrangements, the best would be using Host Mode. Native mode is optimized rather for being used live.
But if you wish to keep all your midi notes in midi clips (in Ableton Live), you should turn off int.seq and use Drumazon as sound module only (beware this feature doesn't work in demo mode).

All the details regarding to editing drum patterns within Drumazon and explanation how each of those modes works you can find in manual:


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