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Another few

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:13 pm
by mpodrug
Just a quick report. So far i did not have time for more crazy jumping with Drumazon but i can confirm that even in Cubase SX3 (core duo system) loading two Drumazons can cause some weird behaviour. Also after closing one project and loading another something weird can happen sometimes. Like missing beats in pattern. Not all, just some.

Since Cubase load everything(instruments and effects) on start and hold in memory you can not just close project and reload it again. You must shut down cubase and start it again to switch betwen projects.

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:24 pm
by Przemek@d16
Can you check this once again with the newest version (0.9.81 at the moment) ?


Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 8:36 am
by mpodrug
Checked. Working now. Only thing i can see is that now in FL Studio settings on second drumazon are not loaded with project, but it's not something bad anyway.


Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 9:55 am
by Przemek@d16
I'll check it.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:51 am
by Patrick_Lindsey
i can confirm a similar bug..

for example in cubase 4..

you working with a project.. all fine so far.. then you open a new project .. and open a drumazon.. all fine... but if you close your current project and switch back to your old project which is still in c4 ..just not active..
drumazon looses all patterns.. even if you try to close the project and reload it.. you have to close cubase and start cubase again..then all is back to normal state