Just few errors for now.

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Just few errors for now.

Post by mpodrug » Fri Dec 29, 2006 11:05 am

Hi. Tested in official FL Studio release and newest beta. Same errors in every version of FL Studio.

Shuffle. Create some project. Turn shuffle for 50%. Beats are shuffled. Close project. Close FL. Start this project again and hit play. Beats are not shuffled until you move shuffle a bit. Shuffle is not initialised with start of song/project. Did not test this in cubase. Will do later.

Load drumazon in FL Studio. Press play. Everything is ok. Load one more instance. Press start on second drumazon. There is no sound playing at all. FL will start to be unstable and can lead to crash sometimes. So there is a problem when you load second drumazon. Yes i know you barely need second but it should not lead to crash.

Sometimes when you have drumazon in project and wanna close this project and open another project FL will report something like (Drumazon can not be initialzed). Solution is to close FL and start it again. This is general soltuion for similar problems. If Drumazon does not want to start in FL Studio just close FL and open it again. Should be fine.

4. Start FL as VSTi inside Cubase. When you try to load Druamazon inside FL it wont reproduce any sound at all. This is not case for any other VSTi and i have few of them. I believe that something is wrong with drumazon internal sequencer syncronisation in this case.

5. Tested in cubase and FL. Knobs in drumazon are not displayed/scaleed correctly. Example. Try to adjust volume from 0 to 50 % but slowly. You can hear how sound is comming but knob wont move correctly. It will jump in small steps. I will try to say it like this. Knob wont move in zone from 0 to 5% then from 5% to 10% then from 10% to 15%......like there are steps in knobs. But judging from audible volume sound is right. Just display is wrong.....mmm...my english is bad so you will probably know what i am thinking :lol:

6. Enough for today. Sorry for bad english.

p.s. maybe it is smart to say that i am using dual core setup. And hosts can assing for each instruments next available core. So maybe multithreading is starting point to look for problems with dual drumazons ;) Just advice.

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