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Is there a chance...

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:53 pm
by mpodrug
To have different BD Models? Or is there any plan for even more BD shaping in future? At least three new BD models would be great. I can remember that drumazon did have slightly different BD model till version 1.0 or so. Then you changed it. i am not speaking about shaping with FX. This is natural by itself. I think about building new BD models and user can switch them(listen one from Audior****** DrumMac**** no matter how hard i play with tune knobs i can not achieve that punch in Drumazon.

Again when i comparing it to my real 909 it is almost there but still it can not achieve punch like AudioR****Drum*** I am not saying that it BD is bad(far from that, it is very very good), just asking for even more shaping if possible.

(btw my Master out on my real 909 gone dead too...i can not believe...but i will keep it no matter what. It does have Jeff Mills autogram on backside :) )