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by rob_fx
Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:42 pm
Topic: waiting for AU plugs so long time and now it's not working
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FYI: I've just reproduced this issue with Nepheton at home using a fresh project with Ableton Live v8.0.4 and Nepheton v1.1.2 + (some)Decimorts + (some)Toraverbs. I ran Quartz Debug and could see that Nephaton's interface widgets were redrawing as I moused over them, but it looks like the internal s...
by rob_fx
Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:37 pm
Topic: Nepheton & VST>AU Not Working Properly
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Hi Guys, Just been looking at NP + adapter issues from our end (i.e. FXpansion's code). Looks like the host is calling the plug-in's destructor on exit (i.e. after it's been unloaded by the host). We've had this happen to our plug-ins with some versions of gcc + static objects. Anyway, hope that's h...