Mike Rose

producer, writer

My Name is Mike Rose i was introduced to D16 through a friend of mine because i was looking for an 808 replica he told me to check out the D16 guys and the Nepheton drum machine i couldn't beleive my ears if you are looking at buying an 808 then look no further than the Nepheton it is what it is the best sounding replica on the market i then went on to try the Drumazon i was actually looking for a 909 at the time not anymore again it was just incredible !! it does everything the 909 does and more!!! the best thing about the D16 guys Is that everything that they say their gear does it actually does!! it's flawless !! Timeless!! and if your like me and need to access things pretty quickly then these things are a must to have a 909 and a 808 in your arsenal is a must these days and if your on a budget then you can have the best for less!! i've been lucky enough to try out most of the D16 Products and i can say the quality really speaks for it's self but don't take my word for it download the demos you've got nothing to lose and I'm sure like me you will just love it.