Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist

producer, composer

No drum machine is equal to the Roland TR-808. Used on countless records it has a wicked tone. A razor tight kick or a colossal decaying bassdrum. The high hats, snare and crash sound like electrified chrome. The internal sequencer is like a blaster shooting lasers at your body forcing you to convulse.

Whenever a plug-in comes out that is as good as the hardware counterpart I sell the hardware and use the plug-in. Because of Nepheton I sold my TR-808 last week. Nepheton is really that good! As a pure emulation of the original it comes genuinely close but it does many things the old hardware can't do.

Here is my favorite of the things that Nepheton does that a real 808 won't. The Random function. Oh glorious random! Go into pattern write mode by clicking PATT.WRITE and put a kick drum on the 1, 5, 9, 13. Next, highlight a few other drum sounds at once by holding down the Apple Key while you select them. Now hit the RAND. button and then click NEXT. You are hearing a random pattern made up of the drums you selected. But oh the lovely programmers in Poland give you more! Click NEXT again and guess what? You have another random beat. You can cycle using PREV and NEXT and pick the one you like then when your ready hit the white INTRO SET button to confirm. Brilliant!

Try this. Put a distortion plug-in after the Nepheton. Hear that? It sounds exactly how a real 808 would react. The TR-808 is officially obsolete. Please stop reading this and download the demo. By the way if you use a crack of this plug-in you are a loser.