Jack D. Elliot

producer, songwriter, remixer

I am completely blow away by Drumazon, Nepheton and Phoscyon. Now that I started using these plugins I use them on every mix. The sounds are 100% like the original boxes. I was always using samples that I had to use many plugins to juice the sound up. Once I did this it always added noise and phase issues. The sound was never satisfying to me.

But now with plugins like Nepheton, I get true 808 kicks and clap sounds that cut right through the mix with little or no processing. The sounds by themselves sound perfect without destroying them with multiple plugins to fix the sound. Unless thats what you want for and effect. I am using Nepheton right now on a new Group called the Factory on Warner Brothers. It is a Pop Urban group. The 808 kick is amazing. The record label called me asking me how I was able to get the kick so round and in your face. I told them that all I used was Nepheton plugin with a little compression.

These plugins are my main plugins now for everything from my remixes of Nick Lachey, Backstreet Boys, to music for TV shows like Navy NCIS, Americas Next Top Model that I produce.