Luke McMillan aka DJ Producer

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I sold my original 909 2 years ago, and from the minute I did, I deeply regretted it.

I recently have done an interview with uk's computer music magazine which will be published In the September issue, and its me that will be featured in the producer masterclass section. Anyway, I was talking with the intervewer off the record about missing my 909 like crazy, and he said “you really should check out d16 and thier drumazon emulations. I was sceptical at first, but then when I checked the soundclips on the site, I couldn’t believe my ears !!

Also reading my friend, Olly Chesler’s endorsement, further reinforced my decision to purchase. And today I did just that - and I thank you deeply - being a computer musician and finally having my 90 drums. Back is just a dream come true - the ride cymbal is MAGNIFICENT!!! - it tunes EXACTLY like the 909 - and its That I really missed the most. Not only that - but when the plug is overdriven with mad distortion - it even distorts Like a 909 - it really is the greatest thing ever and again.. I thank You.

Big respect from the United Kingdom.