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Events in 2011

Rankin Audio remix competition

Congratulations to DEAD BATTERY for winning the Rankin Audio remix competition! The lucky mug is in line for some great prizes, including D16's software.

Rankin Audio remix competition

To celebrate the launch of his new loop and sample pack label Rankin Audio (Exclusively distributed by Loopmasters), dubstep artist and DJ extraordinaire, High Rankin is giving budding producers the opportunity to create their own original track using samples and inspiration from his production sounds. To read more please go to www.junodownload.com/remix_rankin_audio

Loopmasters DJ Mag Producers Competition

Hey producers, here’s a chance to get involved in a great competition to win a day in the studio to finish off a track with a producer at the top of their game – either Glimpse or High Rankin. To read more please go blog.loopmasters.com/news-comps/free-competitions/win-a-day-in-the-studio-with-glimpse-or-high-rankin-great-prizes/

Loopmasters Producer Contest

Get involved for the chance to win a commercial release of your music on Rockets & Ponies + Many prizes! This is a huge opportunity for all aspiring music producers out there that want to launch their music career with a commercial release on the critically acclaimed rockets & ponies label - musical home of renowned artists such as Timo Maas, Santos, Maetrik, Tobi Neumann, Alex dolby, Sebrok, Adam Port amongst many others.. To read more please go to rocketsandponies.com/contest/index.html

Monojoke Remix Contest

Monojoke and Spring Tube hopes to find at least 3-4 winning remixes from the entrants. Genre preferences: progressive breaks, progressive house, progressive trance, tech house, deep house, chillout, downtempo. All the entries will listen Monojoke and Spring Tube’s representatives themselves, and together they will choose the brightest works. More details at findremix.com/monojoke-hold-me-down-remix-contest-by-findremix-spring-tube/

Vanity Theft remix contest

Great contest, with great results and 20 remixes to be officially released and talk about vinyl to be pressed. D16 Group congratulates to all prize winners and participants. Official comment about the results by Josh Binder of Vigilante Music - spokesman of Vanity Theft and their label, you can read here


All girl indie-pop band Vanity Theft (Ohio, USA) are looking for entries for their full-length remix album, which they will be putting out this summer. With 5 songs to choose from, this is our biggest contest to date! Remix any of the supplied Vanity Theft songs to enter the contest. For more details please go to www.laptoprockers.eu/remixcontest/vanity-theft-remix-contest/

DJ Mixtools Mini Mix Competition

Download the FREE DJ Mixtools pack and start work on putting together your very own 5 Minute Mini Mix similar to that made famous on the Annie Mac show where the world's top artists where invited to showcase their style and ability cramming in as many as 50 tracks or more in only 5 minutes. Your 5 minute submission can include as many tracks as you wish in as many chosen styles and genres as you wish. It must however, contain at least 5 of the stems from the FREE DJ Mixtools pack and you must clearly state which you have used in your full tracklisting. More details at www.trackitdown.net/competition/djmixtools?cacheWarmer=true

Inland Knights / Juno remix competition

IK/Juno competition winner has been chosen. We'd like to congratulate the winner - Kevin / Ministryman for taking first place.


To celebrate the forthcoming release of their Loopmasters sample pack, Inland Knights are giving producers the opportunity to create their own original track using samples and inspiration from the armoury of Inland Knights production sounds. More details about the contest you can find at www.junodownload.com/remix_inland_knights.

Remix VTG for a chance to be on the next album

The VTG remix contest has ended and the winners have been chosen. D16 Group wants to congratulate all three winners: Ricardo Alvarez, KLV and Jochen Mittag.


There's been a lot of questions as to when the Dance Floor Game Remix contest was going to happen. So, here it is! What are the prizes? Organizer will personally choose up to three of my favorite remixes and include them on the Dance Floor Game (Remixed) album due out later this year. D16 Group founds licenses for Devastor for all the winners. More details about the contest you can find at www.vtgmusic.com/2011/03/remix_contest

Egostereo – Sex Pistols Remix Contest by Findremix & MCGroove

It’s a pleasure to announce the winners of the Egostereo – Sex Pistols Remix Contest, which turned out a great competition receiving 126 tracks and entered by more than 200 producers. Thanks to all participants and organizers for your work. Congratulations goes to winners of the contest; Paul Lennar, Kenny Bullegg, Monster of Density.


We are very happy to announce a new big remix contest on Findremix. They have teamed up with MCGroove Records to kick off a remix contest of Egostereo's new hit Sex Pistols, an excellent techno track supported by top producers & djs such as Mark Knight, Markus Schulz, Eddie Halliwell, Dave Seaman and many more! D16 proudly supports this event and founds some of the prizes. More details about the contest you can find at findremix.com/egostereo-sex-pistols-remix-contest-by-findremix-mcgroove

Public Records - The “Trapped Moog” Remix Contest

It's been busy at PR towers but they've finally found time to select our Trapped Moog remix winners. Congratulations to winner Guillermo Alvarez and runners up Retrobot and Michael Zamora. Thanks again to all of you who submitted for the Trapped Moog contest, we hope you enjoyed remixing it.


In patnership with D16 Group they’d like to announce the laun`ch of the DJ Mauritzo - Trapped Moog remix contest. You will find stems here and here from the original track, which was released on PR01 (Ecclectic Beats). Again, they’re looking for interesting remixes across the full genre spectrum – don’t feel like you need to stick to House only. Surprise us with an interesting twist that still reflects/compliments the original! D16 will be offering the top remixer one instrument and one effect of his/her choice. More details about the contest you can find at www.publicrecordings.co.uk/remix-competitions/announcing-the-trapped-moog-remix-contest

Laptop Battle Championships 2011

The first battle of the year has gone down in Missoula, Montana. It had even more interest then last year and really stepped up the production. A little over 300 thru the door made this year another success! Cory Markellis aka Feldman won this year with a stunning display of technical, musical and crowd pleasing skills. A 19-year-old DJ and producer, born and raised in Whitefish, MT, this aspiring performer began mixing when he was 16. D16 Group handed him license for Devastor for taking first place in this contest.

FF Stampen Dan

FF Stampen Dan, roughly translated this is called "stomp your feet" but just means: "lets party". System Shock participates and coordinates the event, from which income will be entirely allocated for charity fund. All the profits (100%) will be donated to other foundations that normally uses their profits to help sick children, etc. D16 Group granted a System Shock project a software to help them with indirectly to gather the funds. More information about the event you can find at www.ffstampendan.nl/