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Events in 2008

Laptop Battle Championships 2008

Philly Laptop Battle

The 2008 Philly Laptop Battle Champ is MAD! He is the current working artist name for Mark DeCheser. His styles range from glitchy and aggressive dubstep to tight ambient techno, amongst many other genres across the electronic music spectrum. He also receives Devastor's license from us, Congratulations!


Seattle Laptop Battle Cham

This year champ is KFO. Bryann Newman is the man behind KFO, who won after competing in four Seattle Laptop Battle's. The crowd and judges were blown away by his Guitar Hero Midi Controller shred fest. Seattle regional champion! He took the title using the ever-present Guitar Hero midi controller. We'd like to congratulate him and hand a Devastor as an award.


Miami Laptop Battle

The 2008 Miami Laptop Battle Champ is Chromatron! Chromatron is here to rock your socks off. Prepare for a full mechanized audio assault on your ear drums. Chromatron is a proud member of the Tweaker Creature Council. Chromatron has a unique chaotic style. He makes a wide variety of experimental electronic IDM, including breakcore and hardcore electro. As a sponsors we'd like to congratulate and hand him a award in a form of license for Devastor


Berlin Laptop Battle

The formal Laptop Battle comes to Berlin for the very 1st time, in April 2009!!! during 1 night in a club, competitors will cause some sonic mayhem to impress the crowd and the jury, and hopefully win a great prize. in the tradition of all other battles around the world, they will be limited to 3 minutes, one laptop and one midi controller. spread the word, we're coming soon with more details!!! www.myspace.com/laptopbattleberlin


Austin Laptop Battle

2006 Austin Laptop Battle Champ Matt Piersall aka Matthewmatics has done it again, winning this years Austin Battle under a new moniker, Class President. The Austin Museum of Digtial Art held this year's battle outside, a first for the event, during the SXSW music festival. Matt will be headed to Atlanta to compete for the Championship in December, 2008. As reward he received from us a licence for a Devastor. Congratulations!!! www.amoda.org


New Zealand Laptop Battle

The first Laptop Battle in New Zealand took place at Galatos, Auckland at the 15th of March 2008. We had a fantastic range of styles on stage and a lot of improvisation going on. The final battle between Mr. Winter and P.P. Flo was a hard-to-judge fight of different styles: virtuosic trumpet snakes spitting its invisible poison on the 6-legged beat elephant stomping through a desert of pop. We've sposored this venture as well. www.laptopbattle.co.nz/about.html


Austin Laptop Battle

For the 3rd year in a row, AMODA presents a Laptop Battle for it's March Digital Showcase. This event will feature sixteen of Texas' most skilled electronic musicians facing off for the title of champion. The battle revolves around contestants using their laptops to musically outperform each other in a series of elimination rounds. Each performance must be 3 minutes or less and the only equipment permitted is a laptop and one external controller. Judged by a panel of music and art experts, the outcome of each match is decided based on a combination of stage presence, technical ability, creativity and crowd response. www.amoda.org

Gigs in 2008

Socialism - Herbal 2

  • DRUMSOUND - (Technique)
  • KANE - (Undiluted)
  • JON CARTER - (Saville Row)
  • DANNY BREAKS - (Droppin Science)
  • JAYLINE - (Finn People)
  • LIVE 0 - (Kool 94.6 FM)
  • SNEAR - (Futuredrumz.com )
  • KOMBINATE - (Futuredrumz.com)
  • MANTRA - (Rupture)
  • REMADEE - (Kool 94.6 FM)
  • SHABBA - (Highly Blessed)
  • RIDDLA - (Exclusive Hip-Hop set)
  • V DOUBLE E - (Movement)
  • IRIE - (Innovation)
  • DVS - (Rollercoaster)


Socialism - Sunday Night Special

Socialism VII