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Laptop Battle Championships 2007

Big winner

Congratulations to Dave Pezzner from Seattle, winner of the 2007 Laptop Battle Championships, who won the final round vs Atlanta's Dr. Maximillian Rheinhardt. Dave took home Nepheton and Drumazon.



D16 Group has a pleasure to sponsor annual event, namely - Laptop Battles Once a year Seattle hosts the best laptop performers in the country for the Laptop Battle Championships. This annual event is a unique chance to experience underground hero's representing their cities music live, in a soundclash for the trophy. Expect twisted sound design, wicked programming, and sound murder in a night of intense performances, including showcase sets by 2006 Champion Vytear, Vancouvers Vincent Parker, and two time Seattle Champ Kris Moon. Each 3 minute set is judged by a group of battle vets from across the country, including the 2004 Champion Spark, Philly badman Dev 79, Atlanta's 2006 champ Threv, Laptop Deathmatch's Mwanza and resident judge Rian Pierson. Judges will base their decision by scoring the song development, emotional impact, performance and crowd response of each track. Contestants are only allowed their laptop, soundcard and controller. This year the finalists won the licences for Phoscyon, and the absolute winner will get the licence for Full Pack of our plug-ins. We'd like to congratulate all the finalists, namely:

  • Seattle - Dave Pezzner
  • Austin - DXM
  • Philly - Jason Carr
  • Dallas - Cygnus
  • NYC - Mr.Andersonic
  • Atlanta - Dr. Maximillian Rheinhardt


Gigs in 2007

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