€ 149

8 synths in 1

The multilayer architecture guarantees that sound design possibilities and number of unique situations in which LUSH-101 can be used are virtually limitless.

Arpeggiator / Gater

Advanced and uniquely powerful arpeggiator / gater

Extensive palette of insert effects

Palette of 8 the finest algorithms to choose per Layer

Top quality processing path

Innovative oscillator algorithm and expertly modelled filter that sound identical to a hardware analog synth.

Modulation Matrix

More flexibility means greater expression


Built-in powerful Mixer containing parametric equalizers, compressors plus 3 send effects


Over 1600 factory presets gathered in an intuitively designed and easy-to-use Preset Browser


Alternative UI sizes to make LuSH-101 fitting best your computer screen

Multi-core support

For better utilization modern processors