Dave Smith

producer, composer

The sound and groove of the TR-909 drum machine is inextricably connected to contemporary music. It's use in classic Chicago house, Detroit techno and Hip-Hop redefined electronic drums and continues to fill dancefloors and fuel hit records to this day.

As a proud owner of a mint condition 909 for fifteen years, I've become highly tuned to the sonic nuances of the 909's analogue components ; the distinctive boom of the bass drum and noisy snap of the snare! - something static samples have never fully captured.

Enter D16's Drumazon : an extraordinary emulation and expansion of the TR-909 in the convenience of a plugin. One of the most exciting features of Drumazon, apart from the way it utilises virtual synthesis to authentically emulate the distinctive character of the 909, is the additional controls which extend the range of sounds in ways which would require a technician to modify the circuitry of a hardware unit!...all automatable in realtime in your host DAW.

Even better, Drumazon dispenses with some of the clunkier pattern and song chaining aspects of the real 909 so that programming and creating dynamite beats is a complete snap. Of course you can use the classic shuffle of the 909 (the swing of house!) or switch to internal mode and use your DAW to sequence it. Separate outputs for each instrument means Drumazon is ripe for further processing and effects. With the forthcoming Nepheton, D16 look set to produce the definitive suite of emulated classic electronic instruments ever.

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