Chris Menzi / Wavetraxx

producer, songwriter, remixer

I have used the original synth and drum machines many times. I have waited a long time for some good software emulations. Now I have found them with fantastic sound quality.

I like Phoscyon as a 303 clone - it is the best I have ever heard. I like the synth very much. I use it for different parts in my songs, not just the basslines. The synth in one word: WOW.

For drums, I mostly work with drum loops or one-shot samples. Drumazon and Nepheton are very warm sounding emulations. The quality is great. I like the interfaces which are very easy to work. For every drum sound, you have an individual output channel. So, I can change every drum sound to how I like.

Normally I produce trance/hardtrance tracks. But, I can use the synth and drum machines in other styles - breakbeat, chillout, Pop, Electro or whatever I like.

I can only recommend the plugins. Fantastic Soundquality.