Alex Martin

composer, remixer, producer

Seems that the name Alex Martin can be a starting point to get into contemporary Spanish electronic and club music history. He was a pioneer in the 90s and the first Spanish act getting signed on some of the best known international recording labels like F-Communication - Playhouse - Pod - Klang - Pagoda - Hypnotism and so on. He also released some of his finest works on well known Spanish labels like Cosmos, Boozo, Minifunk or Geometrik. Berlin, Paris, Zurich had seen him playing, some big festivals, some TV, his tracks had been played even at KISS FM. Alex discovered D16 and felt in love with those guys at once! They were just doing what Alex missed for so long, a virtual representation of his beloved machines he used in the past

I use D16 Drumazon and Nepheton all the time, for everything, even if I dont want those instruments to be the main actors of a track, I always take some sounds from them, I also love Phoscyon, and consider it the best 303 emulation out there... These guys are phenomenal, their sound and quality had broke so many rules to me!

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